What we're about

Art + Artists

Let’s start with what we’re not about? 1. We’re not about mass appeal. We’re not about cookie cutter wallpaper you could buy anywhere else… We’re weird and unique. We work with real, local artists and we’re not hush hush, slap our name on it. We’re proud of the women and men we collaborate with and want to promote their talent. Our team is more of an after school clique, drawing and drawing inspiration from each other. We’re made up of a lot of heart. And we hope that comes out in our papers. 


Sourcing the best materials for our customers is a top priority. We feel
quality paper is often overlooked and we're not having any of that! Our products are comprised of woven kraft papers made from multi-use, partially recycled textiles. These heavy-weight films are suitable for damp environments and play spaces alike.


When we launched The Paper Space, pretty much nothing was set in stone, Who are we? What is our “style?” except one thing – we wanted real art papers. Pretty much nothing digitally created. We are passionate about this and think it’s what sets us apart from all of the other wallpaper companies.


Michele worked tirelessly for MONTHS getting our WBENC Certification and while that acronym might not ring a bell to a whole lot of you, it’s one of our greatest achievements. (It means Women's Business Enterprise National Council, btw) The Paper Space is the smallest of teams – Michele Brand. Get to know her deepest secrets and darkest dreams.


The designers at The Paper Space have names! We aren’t the type to shush them and take credit for their insane talent. We collaborate and work with a wonderful bunch of artists and we tag them and give them shout outs! Call us crazy, but we think giving credit & transparency is cool. Look for them on our Instagram @thepaperspace!
Hire them for your projects!